Beeing - Manage Your Beekeeping with Ease

Jun 03, 2024

Published by Theodoros Kafantaris

Are You a Beekeeper?

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your beekeeping activities on paper! Introducing Beeing, a completely free, reliable, and professional web app designed specifically for beekeepers. Whether you have a few hives or hundreds, Beeing is here to help you manage your apiaries and hives efficiently.

Why Choose Beeing?


Easily manage the location and blooming status of your apiaries.


Keep track of crucial hive information such as hive types, colony origins, supers, and notes.


Thoroughly log every hive inspection, noting details like the presence of a queen and the state of brood.


Record every harvest to optimize your honey and pollen production.


Manage feeding schedules and track the health and productivity of your hives.


Monitor and report all diseases and treatments, ensuring the health of your colonies.


Track every queen in your apiary, including age, origin, and more.

Beekeeping Practices

Access best beekeeping practices tailored to each season, helping you maintain a healthy and productive apiary.

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